What-to-Make Wednesday


 { 6.10.15 }

Hoodsie CupsBread + Barrow

Boursin & Caramelized Onion Tartlets – Two Red Bowls

Rye Orecchiette with Stinging Nettle, Sheep’s Milk Feta and Chive Blossoms – Chocolate + Marrow

We are closing in on another weekend, can you believe it? It’s Monday then Wednesday then all of a sudden it’s Friday afternoon. Crazy! I wanted to take a few mins today to share some killer recipes I came across recently, which will all be finding their way onto my what-to-make list sometime soon. All three of these ladies write incredible food blogs and I really look up to them all for inspiration. I’m feeling pretty ambitious so I might actually attempt all 3 recipes this weekend. We will see! Tune in next Wednesday for another round and make sure to leave me a comment with any food blogs you’re loving right now. I would love to check them out!

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