Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers


Thanks to my girl Taralynn McNitt for the amazing inspiration behind this recipe. I had so much fun making these Veggie Stuffed Peppers, they were quick and easy!

Total Prep + Cook Time: 60 Minutes

What You’ll Need:

Grape tomatoes
Corn (I used frozen small sweet corn)
Cheese (I used monterey jack)
Rice (I used Uncle Bens whole wheat)
Pasta Sauce (I used a Safeway Basil + Garlic)
Beans (I used low-sodium black beans)

How it Works:

Start off by pre-heating your oven to 350 and prepping your ingredients – chop up your tomatos and cheese, and cut the tops off your peppers. Note* if you happen to buy peppers that don’t stand up well, just cut them in half and lay them down like a shell vs. a cup. Once everything is all cut up, prep your rice and beans in the microwave. Next grab a big bowl and mix in your corn (leave frozen), beans, rice, and tomatos. Que the flavor! Once you have all those mixed, add in your sauce and your favorite amount of salt and pepper. The rest is pretty simple, just scoop the contents into the peppers ( I would recommend putting them on tin foil just in case they spill out onto the baking sheet) and cook them for 40 minutes! At the 40 min mark, pull  the tray out briefly and add in your cheese. The peppers will be hot so I used a tooth pick to press the cheese cubes into the peppers. Cook for another 10 mins or until your cheese melts!

Fun Sides: Low Fat Greek Yogurt / Sweet Potato Fries / Aidells Sausages

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