The Prickly Pear Cantina, San Francisco

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May has definitely been a month of traveling and on the go meals. From my last two LA posts to a few upcoming Las Vegas and New England posts, you guys will have your hands full with a travel to do list! I recently spent the weekend with family and friends in San Francisco and had the pleasure of stopping by Chef Rodney Worths Mexican inspired restaurant, The Prickly Pear Cantina. I’ll start out by saying this restaurant is not actually located in San Francisco, but up north in Danville. For those of you who happen to know where that is, awesome! For those of you who don’t, Danville is about an hour north west of SF. At this point in time Rodney Worth and his Pear Restaurant Group boast an impressive 7 locations throughout the Bay Area and Napa Valley. My cousin Sara (aka my inspiration behind food blogging) happens to be working with Rodney and his team and thought a trip to the cantina would be a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We started off with some chips and dip and worked our way through an impressive Mexicali-inspired menu. Everything we had was fantastic!

Our Menu:

Chips & Dip – a spicy rich burst of flavors (couldn’t get enough!)

Classic Taco Salad – romaine lettuce, tomatoes, pinto beans, sour cream, avocado, jack cheese, cilantro ranch dressing & choice of meat, served in a giant flour taco shell

The Mexican Flag Enchilada Platter – three enchiladas, one shredded beef with red sauce, one chicken with green salsa verde & one cheese with molé sauce

I would order the taco salad again in a heart beat, just be prepared for a MASSIVE meal! The Mexican flag platter was also a really great way to try out several different flavors in one dish. The great food mixed with an incredible back patio overlooking the water made for a fantastic afternoon. There was also a live band to make things even more interesting! If you find yourself in these parts of the bay I would definitely recommend stopping by. One more cool thing about Rodney? He has two other restaurants to choose from in the same plaza! Go for italian at Ferraris Cucina or re-invented american bistro at The Little Pear. I poked my head in both on our way out and I can say with confidence, they both look just as great atmosphere wise. I definitely have them all on my list and can’t wait to try another one out!




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