The Perfect Cheese Plate

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Over the past few years I’ve found myself loving to entertain guests at home more and more. It used to be all about finding the latest and greatest happy hour after work, but now on a Friday night theres really nothing I love more than having a bunch of girlfriends over for wine and snacks. Growing up there was always a cheese plate laying around in my family kitchen and I never really appreciated the amount of work that went into laying them all out with just the right ingredients. So now I’m on the mission of creating the perfect cheese plate for every occasion! Of course you have to consider things like the beverages you’ll be sharing, the season and your location (my VT cheese bias is very strong) because those will all play into how you craft your plate. Here are a few great articles I’ve found that will help you on your way!

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That should be enough to get you started and remember, you don’t need to go spend $100 on artisan cheeses and olives to make a great platter. I like to take the high low approach (like I do with most things) and mix some great high end products with some cheap grocery store basics. This way you have more room to play around and try out new things!


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