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Happy Thursday guys! I’m back today to share a look at last weekends 3rd Sunday Night Supper with MTO Cafe. Following up huge hits like Not Your Daddy’s BBQ and El Chapos Cantina the past two months, we were super excited for Swine & Wine. The roster of chefs this time around was packed with heavy hitters from Rick Moonen (RM Seafood + RX Boiler Room) to Megan Romano (Chocolate & Spice), Brian Howard (Comme Ça), Brian Masse (Light Group) and a bunch more. We started out the night with wine from South Italy Imports, then dove into the impressive menu!

Some highlights from the group were Rick & Johnny’s Bacon-Wrapped-Bacon app and their fantastic summer bbq style entree with Smoked and Slow-Roasted Pulled Eurolista Pork. We also loved Sam Marvins House made Charcuterie, Brian M’s Grilled Mangalista Sausage and Brian H’s Slow Roasted Pig Toasts. We rounded off the evening with a stunning display of desserts from Chef Megan, and oh man was that a great way to finish up! Her Salted Caramel Ice Cream was out of this world, as was the Creme Brûlée French Toast and Banana Pecan Bundt Cake. You can find most of these pics above, with a few additional shots of other dishes we tried.

One of the best parts about a night like this is seeing a group of chefs of this caliber come out to support each other. Las Vegas is quickly becoming one of the best places I’ve ever lived, and the food community I’ve found is a huge part of that! If you can make it out to one of these dinners I would highly suggest it because there’s nothing like a great family style evening like this. Hands down everything we had was great and we can’t wait for the next one in July!!



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