Stuffed Dates, Firefly


Next time you are here in Las Vegas, I would highly recommend an off-the-strip-stop at Firefly. They have two locations, one conveniently located within taxi distance and it is 100% worth the trip! In addition to about 10 other favorite dishes, they do the most amazing Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates you will ever experience. With smoked almond, a red wine reduction and blue cheese crumbles I will say I was not a believer at first. But I took a risk and ended up totally freaking out!! Tapas have quickly become my go to dinner here in Las Vegas, and Firefly is top of my list. It’s a great way to spend dinnertime whether you have a part of 10 or two! Make sure to stop by next time and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

(Image via USA Today)

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