Solo Italian Date Night with Cultivar Wine

Happy Wine Wednesday guys! I’m so excited to share this fun new post with you all today with the help of my new favorite Napa Valley winery, Cultivar Wine. I was lucky enough to spend five years living in San Francisco and developed an everlasting love and respect for the Napa Valley. Cultivar is a timeless example of what the valley is truly about. Founded in 2010 by brother and sister Jody and Gingy Harris, it’s a family run business that prides itself on using high quality products all sourced directly from Napa.

For today’s post, this one goes out to all the single gals or ladies like me who’s chef boyfriend works most nights. Just because you’re home alone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your evening like a date night! As I’ve said before, the thing I find most important about keeping your kitchen game on point is to keep key ingredients always on hand. In the past few months I’ve become completely obsessed with these Trader Joe’s pasta packs. As much as I love making my own pasta, some nights after a 10 hour day you just want to come home and whip something up fast. My favorites are the Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Triangoli and the Girasoli Ricotta & Lemon Zest. So here’s my weeknight dinner for one pasta jam, with a side of fantastic Cultivar Cabernet Sauvignon!

What You’ll Need:
Trader Joe’s Pasta
Heirloom Tomatoes
Canned Tomatos
Olive Oil

Kick off your solo dinner date with the pasta sauce. I like to mix a few good heirloom tomatoes with canned tomatoes for a little extra flavor. Reduce down the tomatoes and stir in a few tsp’s of olive oil while it’s working. I also like to thin slice 2-3 garlic cloves and throw it in the sauce while it’s boiling. Everybody has their own technique for a homemade red sauce, so whatever else you’d like to toss in be my guest! Basil, thyme, a little chili flake perhaps? Yum! From there throw your pasta in a separate pan of boiling water for 2-3 mins. These babies cook FAST so make sure to keep an eye on the time. In this case I actually went with a Spinach Tortellini mix because I got distracted and over cooked the triangoli, oops. Once you’ve got the pasta ready to go, strain it then add in your arugula and whatever other veggies you’d like to use. Then add the red sauce and some shave pecorino or parmesan on top!

As an added bonus for my lovely readers, Cultivar has given you all 10% off their current selection of wines. Just use the code CultivarAvecMallory at checkout!

Thanks so much to Cultivar Wine for sponsoring this post. Although I was compensated in exchange for the post in the form of product this date night dinner opinion is definitely my own. Stay tuned for a few more exciting posts coming your way later this week and let me know if you have the pleasure of trying out Cultivar in the near future!


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