Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen, Disneyland


In honor of Fat Tuesday I wanted to share the first look at my recent trip to Disneyland! One of our first stops was the famed Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen for some late night snacks, including a round of Fried Green Tomatoes and Southern Garlic Bread. There are tons of options to choose from in Downtown Disney, but this place is definitely one of my favorites. They serve up authentic NOLA cuisine along with an incredible atmosphere. We sat at the bar for several hours listening to a live band and snacking on all kinds of appetizers and coffee drinks. Checkout our spread below (and sorry for the super dark iPhone pics)!

About the Jazz Kitchen:

The uniqueness of New Orleans’ food comes from the varied cuisine which have been incorporated into the melting pot of Creole cooking, including French, Spanish, African, Caribbean, Italian and American Indian influences. For hundreds of years, residents and visitors to New Orleans have enjoyed the rich bounty of ingredients from the rivers and bayous of south Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico.

Our chefs at Jazz Kitchen proudly import their ingredients directly from these same Louisiana waters. For over fifty years, Ralph Brennan and his family have proudly served the finest Louisiana ingredients and our Chef, Darrin Finkel, has peppered those celebrated flavors throughout our menus.

Our Menu:

Southern Garlic Cheese Bread basil, mozzarella, roasted garlic & olive oil pureé

Goat Cheese Grit Cake mushroom fricassee, tomato vermouth butter sauce, honey balsamic drizzle (favorite!!)

Fried Green Tomatoes

Next time you find yourself roaming around Downtown Disney (or Anaheim in general) I would definitely recommending stopping by for a visit. For being Disney I will also say the atmosphere was really mellow, there weren’t a ton of kids, and I almost felt like I had been transported down to Louisiana!



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