Quickie Cheese Plate

cheese_3cheese_4Happy Thursday guys! We are so close to the weekend, just one more day to get through then it’s time to relax and unwind for 48 solid hours. Today turned out to be one of those days where I was just exhausted from start to finish. You know those days right? Well my solution is to skip the gym, head on home and put together a cheese plate. I’ve been on a big Boar’s Head kick this past week thanks to a gigantic display in my local Smiths and these are a few of the ones I like best!

Thursday Cheese Plate:
Boars Head Vermont Cheddar
Boars Head Cream Havarti
Boar’s head Aged Gouda
Roasted Red Pepper

Throw some greens on your plate to cleanse the palette between cheeses (cilantro, parsley, butter lettuce). I would also suggest some kind of spread, olives or red peppers are my favorite. Pop open a bottle of wine and you’re all set! Got a cheese plate must have? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook + Twitter!

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