Persimmon Pear Caprese Toast


Turning a great summer dish into a winter version can be a daunting task. Ingredients like fresh tomato and basil tend to scream summer both in sight and to the palette. But when you find something like a persimmon which has a deep autumn vibe, you can work some serious magic! Joy the Baker recently shared this Persimmon Pear Caprese Toast recipe and I thought – perfect, the fall dish I’ve been waiting for. Check out the details below!

What you’ll Need:

Fuyu persimmon (these are the short, squat firm persimmon), sliced
firm red Bartlett pear, sliced
fresh basil
fresh mozzarella (bite-sized or larger balls that you have to slice)
fresh baguette (sliced)
olive oil
coarsely ground sea salt
fresh cracked black pepper
balsamic vinegar glaze

This is another one of those recipes I love because it uses a lot of on hand ingredients. I’ve come to learn that a well stocked kitchen should always have things like sea salt, ground pepper, olive oil and balsamic. Fresh mozzarella and basil can easily be found at your local grocery store and if you can’t find a good selection of persimmons, you can usually head to the higher end food stores around you (whole foods, molly stones, city market) and they will definitely have them. Let me know what you think of this recipe and make sure to post pics if you try it out!

Head over to Joy the Baker today to get the entire recipe and instructions, and while you’re there check out the rest of her blog! She has an amazing arsenal of recipes for the taking.

(Images via Joy the Baker)

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