O Face Doughnuts, Las Vegas

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One of my favorite things about moving is finding my new daily spots, and as of this morning it appears that I’ve found my new coffee shop. I’ve been hearing about O Face Doughnuts for a while now from co-workers and random locals, but never actually made my way into one. From In Hand Doughnuts to Gluten Free and even ‘Fork & Knife Doughnuts’ (you’ll literally need a fork and knife to eat them ex. Orange Boston Cream w/ Grand Marnier Choc Glaze) they have every sweet tooth covered.

{Doughnut Highlights}

Chocolate Old Fashioned w/ Earl Grey Chocolate
Blueberry Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting (gluten less)
S’Mores w/ Milk Chocolate Ganache and Toasted Marshmallow
Key Lime Curd w/ Whipped Cream & Grahm Cracker
Rootbeer Float – Vanilla Pudding, Rootbeer Caramel &
Chocolate Covered Poprocks

I could say that I wish there were some healthy options, but I would be totally lying.I definitely plan on working my way through this extensive doughnut menu on Friday at at time! To check out their full menu – click here and don’t forget to stop by next time you find yourself downtown!


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