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Since moving to Las Vegas last fall, brunch has definitely become my favorite part of the week. I’ve found so many new and exciting places to try out and have really enjoyed sharing them here with you guys! This past weekend I had the pleasure of trying out one of Downtown LV’s newest brunch spots MTO Café, and let me tell you… new favorite place. With an incredible location, super cool decor, and a staff that serves at light speed, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them!

The MTO Story: What happens when you take a couple of never-give-up, ambitious Vegas locals, throw in a renowned, super-cool chef, and a bunch of hungry Downtown patrons? You get a unique breakfast and lunch café committed to serving fresh comfort food in a highly personal, every day atmosphere. That was the vision of owners Ben Sabouri and Matt Moore of Shift Solutions, LLC.

Our Menu:
Bacon Dippers peppercorn maple syrup – literally bacon dipped in pancake batter
Chicken “In A Waffle” yup, it’s chicken in a waffle – comes with an incredible ‘hash mash’
Turkey Melt avocado, tomatoes, jack & cheddar, chipotle aioli (spicy) on sourdough + fries
Fried Apple Rings cinnamon-sugar butter icing (genius)
Fresh Green Juice

The Highlights: Fried Apple Rings (one of the best treats I’ve ever had), Turkey Melt (a fun and spicy new take on the classic tuna melt), Fresh Green Juice (an amazing way to start the day and counteract all the carbs we took down!).

Simply put, this was a really enjoyable meal. We honestly had a hard time deciding what to eat because everything – literally, everything – looked amazing. The thing I really loved about MTO however was more than just the food. The overall neighborhood vibe was really refreshing and comforting, considering how crazy this city can be at times. Scattered around the cafe there were girlfriends coming to eat after a yoga class, hip young parents enjoy breakfast with their kids (who were freaking out over the Etch A Sketch’s), a group of guys enjoying a round of ‘Hangover Burgers’ and more. It was a great representation of Downtown LV!

Get More MTO:
500 S Main St Las Vegas, NV 89101
Find them on Facebook + TwitterYelp!

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