Ironside Kitchen, Miami

Ironside Kitchen, Little River | 7580 NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL 33138
Diavola Pizza – salami, “pepperoncino” oil tomato, mozzarella fiordilatte
Porchetta – roasted pork belly, roasted potatoes, rosemary

On the way back from the beach last weekend, we decided to stop by Ironside Pizza for a late lunch. I wish we had planned better because we ended up wanting to stay for dinner as well! Ironside is in Little River, one of my favorite areas in Miami. It’s mellow, bright and airy, and has a solid menu. We tried out a pizza and porchetta, and have about 9 other things on our list. They don’t server beer and wine however so make sure to bring your own. I saw a few desserts pass by the table as well, so definitely put those on your radar if you stop by!

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