Herbs & Rye, Las Vegas


Walking into Herbs & Rye is like entering a time warp. I almost expected to see top hats and flapper dresses instead of beanies and button ups! best known for their killer cocktail selection (as you can see from the super cool menu above) H&R has been on my list of places to try for almost a year now. Not having a ton of time before the show, we only opted for a few small things, but it was definitely enough to leave me wanting to visit again soon.

Menu Highlights:

Beef Tartar – capers, red onion, garlic, dijon mustard, egg yolk

The Farmer Flatbread – thick applewood honey ham, spinach, cracked egg, creme fresh (must have)

Hemingway Daquiri – run, marashino, lime, grapefruit

I also opted for a glass of pinot noir from my new favorite winery Benton Lane. They have a great happy hour deal which I would suggest checking out and definitely make sure you are in the cocktail mood. I was a HUGE fan of the flatbread and can’t wait to head back for another round of food and drinks! Get more info on Herbs & Rye and check them out on Facebook.

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