Happy Hour at Brand Steakhouse & Lounge


Happy Hour in Las Vegas has been a really exciting thing for me to explore in the 2 months I’ve lived here. There are countless options and each location has their own spin on things. One of my more recent Happy Hour experiences was at Brand Steakhouse & Lounge in Monte Carlo… and by happy hour I mean an after work glass of wine turning into ‘oops it’s 11pm, how did that happen‘?! By day Brand is half steakhouse and half lounge, then at night it turns into a full blown club thanks to some stunning sheer drapes. It’s a great concept and they do an amazing job!

Happy Hour Promos: $5 wine, beer, cocktails + $9 appetizers

Don’t miss: Finger Lickin Lollipop Wings (literally a chicken lollipop), The Brand Salad (restaurant menu, fantastic spice), and Doughnut “Munchkin” Holes (Nutella filled amazingness) – all shown above! Other great options are the Hot Rocks and Calamari.

*Not on the menu, but don’t forget to ask for the house bread. You can thank me later!

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