Hakkasan, Las Vegas

Crispy duck saladMAIN CAGE_HAKKASAN LAS VEGAS_RESTAURANT_Erik KabikHakka2_HakkasanHakka steamed dim sum platterFruit Plate 1My favorite thing about living in Las Vegas so far is the amount of diversity you can find when it comes to the food and nightlife scene. On a recent night out with a girlfriend visiting from SF, we were on a mission to hit up Hakkasan for dinner and dancing. If you haven’t been to Hakkasan or haven’t heard of it before; let me fill you in. Think global restaurant brand, mixed with incredibly beautiful cantonese dishes, sultry decor and lighting, with a bangin club located right above the dining room. The heart of the restaurant is the kitchen, a dramatic culinary theatre helmed by Michelin-starred Chef Ho Chee Boon and his team. You can find Hakkasan all over the globe from right here in Las Vegas, to San Francisco, Mumbai, London, Miami, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai and  NYC. Here’s a look at what we tried out and what I would go back for next time!

Our Menu:

Hakka steamed dim sum platter – har gau, scallop shumai, perch dumpling and black pepper duck dumpling

Crispy duck salad with pomelo, pomegranate and pine nut

Hakka noodle with mushrooms and Chinese chive V

Stir-fry lobster with sweet and spicy sauce and cashew nut

Stir-fry black pepper beef ribeye with merlot

The Hakka – Grey Goose vodka, TY-KU sake, coconut, passion fruit and lychee juice

The Highlights: Crispy Duck Salad; literally to die for. The entier salad just melts in your mouth, and the duck doesn’t have that greasy taste like you normally find in other dishes. The Hakka; such a fun drink! The flavors were really delicious and it was the perfect way to kick off our evening.

Overall it was a decadent meal that I really enjoyed experiencing. Be prepared to spend a good amount of cash, but the service and one of a kind atmosphere is worth it. Also, feel like dancing off that huge dinner you just ate? No prob! You can skip the line and walk right up into the Mezzanine (levels 4 and 5 of Hakkasan). On any given night you will find huge name DJ’s here such as Calvin Harris or Tiesto. You can also head up to the Ling Ling Lounge, which is a more relaxed vibe with a ton of open seating. Either way, it’s definitely a great spot for an all inclusive night. Thanks to Hakkasan for hosting Jennifer and myself, we can’t wait to stop by for another visit!

(Images courtesy of AMG)



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