Garlic Avocado Cauliflower Mash


Let me start by saying that a month ago, possibly even a week ago if you had asked me if I ate or liked cauliflower, the answer would have been a flat out no. Seriously! I’m pretty bad when it comes to veggies, and I’ve always just stuck to the basic salad ingredients. But if there is one person on this plant that will get me to try something crazy like this… it’s my resident go-to health and fitness guru Taralynn McNitt! She posted a recipe for a Garlic Parmesan Avocado Cauliflower Mash and something in me just said – I’ve gotta try this, and I did! Here’s the lowdown:

Shopping List

One Head Cauliflower
A Steamer Bag or Steamer Pot
One Avocado
One Garlic Clove
Six Tbsp Greek Yogurt

It’s a pretty painless recipe and can be whipped up really quick. Start by  steaming the cauliflower and while that’s going cube your avocado and chop up your garlic. When the cauli is done ‘mash’ it up as best you can (I used a fork) and add the greek yogurt in for that creamy blend. After the cauli is mashed up good add in the garlic and avocado! I should say that mine came out more like a potato salad vs. mashed potatoes, but it was super tasty regardless! Give it a try and let me know what you think. I would love to hear how it goes!

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