Fleur De Lys, San Francisco

A few weekends ago I had the extreme pleasure of finally making my way to Fleur De Lys in San Francisco. It was a truly incredible experience and I would absolutely recommend a visit. From the valet to the farewell, every second of our evening was planned out and executed perfectly. It was one of the most amazing meals I’ve ever eaten and I just can’t put into words what a fantastic time I had. Here are a few shots from the evening…


The interior design was equally as impressive as the food. I felt like I was in another time while eating dinner. I am sorry for the dark pictures, all I had was my iPhone and didn’t wait to disrupt the other diners with my flash!

Our Spread:

Avocado & Frisée Salad seared watermelon, carrot gelée, served with golden panisses

Baekeoffe Of Escargots & Truffles accented with a garlic & basil broth, parsley salad and homemade brioche “snail”

Seared Filet Mignon With A Lobster Truffled Mac & Cheese “En Brioche accented with a red wine, shallot, thyme bordelaise sauce

Rye Crusted Scottish Salmon cabbage three ways, buttered rye toast, radishes pickled mustard seed, caraway jus

Vanilla Flavored Cheese Cake lemon & honey cup cake with chocolate cream champagne rosé ice cream and champagne gelée

 Fig & Black Berries In Citrus Broth served with maple & creme fraiche fried ice cream


* HK is known for his vegetarian options, so don’t worry about that being a factor! They also put together a fantastic gluten free menu as well.

* Menu is prix fixe (very smart) we did the 3 course and left feeling absolutely stuffed!! With the 4 and 5 course selections, the plates get smaller so you aren’t overloaded and can enjoy your dessert.

We were also greeted with an amuse bouche (chilled soup and a carrot salad), black olive bread, and a delightful glass of bordeaux. Our three course meal turned into almost 6 with the surprise dessert tray at the end! I really couldn’t have asked for a better evening. Thank you Hubert Keller… next stop, Burger Bar Las Vegas!

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