Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar, Las Vegas


Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar (or simply ‘firefly’) was the first restaurant I tried as a Las Vegas resident, and it has been my most visited place ever since. I’ve taken friends, family and co-workers for dinner and lunch, with the same results each time: they can’t get enough! In case you aren’t familiar with Tapas style food, here’s the rundown; Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers or snacks in Spanish Cuisine. They can be hot or cold and range from a simple bowl of olives to an intricate shrimp dish. Firefly does the Tapas tradition proud with an extensive menu of both hot and cold dishes, as well as seafood plates and desserts. Their staff was gracious enough to host myself and fellow blogger Jennifer for a spectacular meal last weekend. Here’s what we tried and would recommend for your next visit!!


In Order of Appearance:

  • Starter Bread and Honey Butter
  • Stuffed Peppers spanish piquillo peppers, fresh mozzarella, garlic cream cheese, tomato sauce
  • Camarones A La Diabla shrimp, sweet and spicy sauce, bread
  • Olive Medley
  • Manchego Mac ‘n’ Cheese baked w/baby shells, tomato-pepper relish
  • Dessert Platter caramel flan, passion fruit mini cheesecakes, chocolate ‘tres leches’ cake, lemon berry tarts
  • Tuna Tartare marinated ahi tuna, avocado, sesame dresing, taro chips
  • Padron Peppers flash-fried, touch of salt; most are mild
  • Manchego Mac ‘n’ Cheese closeup
  • Stuffed Dates bacon-wrapped, smoked almond, red wine reduction, blue cheese
  • Dessert Platter the overview

 Other notable dishes not pictured – Serrano Sliders, Ham & Cheese Croquetas, Fried Calamari, Apple and Manchego Salad, and the Gazpacho.

The great thing about Firefly is that every time you visit, you can get a different yet equally amazing spread of food. Tastes vary between guests, so it’s also really fun to go with a larger party and order a bunch of plates for everybody to try! The ambiance is dark and sultry just like the food, and the crowd is an even split between locals and LV visitors which is pretty cool. It’s a great place to go for an after work drink as well, the bar menu is just as extensive as the food menu!

Surprising Dishes The Padron Peppers were a suggestion that I was so glad I ended up taking. Each bite is a different level of spice and they make a great in-between plate. The Diablo Shrimp (full disclosure: I am not a shrimp lover) are amazing!! You will literally be licking the sauce off the plate, and you will probably want to keep some bread aside to help you with this. Don’t believe me? Just ask Jennifer…

Must Haves – Stuffed Dates, I don’t care what direction your taste buds sway… order them and you will definitely thank me.

As always, I can’t wait to bring my next round of guests here to Firefly. Whether you are in the mood for a quick lunch with your girlfriends or a lengthy dinner with a big group of friends this is the place to go. There are currently 3 Firefly Locations which you can checkout on their website, which makes it a super accessible meal from The Strip or out in the East/West Side of Vegas. Visiting any of these locations is a nice change of pace from the madness of the strip. I most often frequent the Sahara location but the Paradise location is also awesome.

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