Due Forni, Las Vegas

What do you get when you combine two massive napolitano brick ovens, an impressive selection of wine, and an undeniable passion for pizza? Simple… Due Forni, one of Las Vegas’s most exciting neighborhood restaurants! Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining the Due Forni team for lunch, and the experience was unforgettable. I might actually still be full! From the mozzarella bar to the out-of-this-world Neapolitan pizza, checkout my recap of our awesome meal below!

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I’ll start out by saying Due Forni took me by surprise. I was expecting some killer pizza and perhaps a few fun sides, but I was honestly blown away by what actually came out of the open air kitchen. Take a look at our menu and some highlights below!

Our Menu:

Mozzarella Bar + Chefs Platter (combo) – Bufala Mozzarella from Campania: classica, affumicata, stracciatella, with taggiasca olives, roasted tomatoes, prosciutto san daniele, calabrian peppers, parmigiano reggiano, gorgonzola dolce, cabra vino and roasted red peppers with freshly baked bread

Polipo (salad) – mediterranean octopus, mixed greens, piquillo peppers, taggiasca olives, mint vinaigrette

Pork Belly – smoked and braised with a honey balsamic glaze over arugula with white balsamic, goat cheese, and walnuts

Lobster Ravioli – spicy sauce with a mozzarella filling

Maiale Bolognaese (neapolitan pizza) – pork ragu, san marzano tomato, bufala mozzarella, basil, caramelized onions, calabrian pepper

Bread Pudding – Neutella flavored gelato, powdered sugar, chocolate chips

I would definitely recommend starting out your meal with the Mozzarella Bar or Chefs Platter. This was such an incredible way to taste all the different ingredients in their basic form, which then end up being used throughout your other dishes. The taggiasca olives were amazing and I really enjoyed being able to try each of the cheeses separately. It ends up giving you a much greater appreciation for the origin and taste of each ingredient. The octopus (polipo) took me by surprise with a ton of flavor and bread crumb texture, and like everything else here at Due Forni, is cooked in the brick ovens which I found especially impressive. The pork belly shows you how much more Due Forni is than just a pizza place. It was cooked to perfection and is one of the most sought after specials they make! The lobster ravioli was next and ended up just being such a nice way to transition into the pizza course. I’m a huge lobster fan so this dish was an extra treat. Next, we opted for the traditional neapolitan pizza which is definitely the way to go. It was chewy, smokin’ hot and topped with a mind blowing combo of ingredients – including several items from the chefs platter. We rounded off the afternoon (if you can even imagine) with a bread pudding and delightful port. One more bite and I would have needed a wheel chair to get home… but it was worth it! I could also go on for days about all the cool things I learned during this meal (flavors, origins, wine pairing) but I’ll let you all experience that for yourselves.

Other Highlights* They offer a basic kids menu of pizza, penne pasta, and gnocchi, and serve several specials every day including a protein and a lasagna served in a small cast iron skillet (with rotating flavors depending on whats fresh). The atmosphere is really inviting and I would enjoy here sitting with a large party with friends and kids or at the bar for date night. Also for added coolness, you can watch a variety of spaghetti westerns and italian crime dramas from the 60’s and 70’s on several high def tv’s scattered around the restaurant and bar!

Thanks so much to Due Forni for having us out! The service was outstanding and we can’t wait to visit again. For more info visit their website here and if you happen to be in Austin, stop by their second location!



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