Brunch at Three Sisters Farm

Three Sisters Farm | Homestead, FL

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to experience a real life Farm to Table breakfast. The brunch was hosted at Three Sisters Farm, down in Homestead. There are hardly words to describe what an incredible experience this was. My girlfriends and I were greeted close to the roadside veggie stand at the front of the farm, and then walked back through a jungle like field full of blooming trees and flowers. Out of nowhere a Swiss Family Robinson style treehouse appeared where we ended up walking up a flight of winding wooden stairs into a stunning outside dining room. There was a buffet setup, filled with amazing breakfast goodies made right on the farm. The girls and I wined and dined, enjoyed the breeze and being lucky enough to experience a meal like this out in the middle of mother nature.

Three Sisters Farm has a veggie stand open from 10-3 Saturday and Sunday, so if you are in the area I would absolutely recommend stopping by. The selection was filled with fruits (many of which I had never heard of, but ended up trying) as well as some of the regular goods like kale, lettuce and more! The farm family was welcoming, full of smiles, and I can’t wait to pay them another visit one of these weekends!

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