Breakfast with Bonne Maman Preserve


Since moving to Las Vegas last fall I’ve discovered a new found love for lazy Sundays and a nice early breakfast. I only have so much time during the week to relax, so Sunday is now my day. My favorite thing has become a fresh piece of sour dough or french bread from the local bakery with a heavy serving of Wild Blueberry Preserve by Bonne Maman on top. I discovered Bonne Maman at Smiths (grocery store) and absolutely fell in love. Bonne Maman Preserves and Jellies, produced in France, are all-natural, with no artificial coloring, no high fructose corn syrup or no preservatives added. You can also find a bunch of other flavors like classic strawberry, fig, cherry, peach, and blackberry!

If your local store doesn’t carry Bonne Maman Amazon has you covered with this cute little collection of Bonne Maman Assorted Mini Jams (Strawberry, Apricot, Raspberry, Orange Marmalade, Cherry). Try out all the flavors and then you’ll know what larger jar to order for next time! I love these jams so much I sent a package to my parents down in Florida and one to my sister in VT. Don’t forget to report back and let me know what one you like best!

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