Bootleg BBQ LA


Happy Tuesday guys! It’s not every day that I get to introduce you all to something this exciting so listen up. My dear friend Ryan has recently set out on a culinary adventure and launched his new company Rustic Fortune Foods. As part of this journey Bootleg BBQ, his first pop-up endeavor, will showcase barbecue that is not only elevated, but close to home, bringing you delicious and exciting courses full of the best locally grown and seasonal products available without making you feel like you have to empty your wallet. So to everybody out there in and around the Los Angeles area, you have to go checkout one of the pop-ups for me! With two successful events already under his belt, tickets are now on sale for the next meal happening over Labor Day Weekend, check it out here! Ryan and I spent years eating our way through the Bay Area and I couldn’t be happier for his new adventure. Make sure to follow along with the excitement on Facebook and Instagram!


“When you know where your food comes from, you truly have a respect for it. When eating becomes mindful, it becomes a meditation” ~Ryan Reiff, Founder


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