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As I’ve grown older and my apartments have become more of a gathering place for friends and family rather than storage for clothing and a place to sleep, the kitchen has become my favorite place to be. Growing up in Vermont, family dinners were the center of our weeks and everything you would find in the majority of our house (and especially the kitchen) were local treasures from VT artists and businesses. Heading into adulthood and living in places like San Francisco and Las Vegas, I’ve been able to keep that love for artisan goods alive. So when I came across AHeirloom a few weeks back, you can imagine how excited I was!

About AHeirloom: 

Brooklyn based husband and wife, Amy Stringer-Mowat and Bill Mowat, made their first cutting boards for their wedding.  It is rumored that the groom was actually finishing the boards on the day of the wedding… The two wanted a personalized and sentimental way to display cheese, and came up with state-shaped cutting boards for each of their home states (Michigan and Connecticut), with hearts on their hometowns. Delightfully, the enterprise has grown and they are now made for all fifty states plus countries coming in the Spring. Each board is made in the USA of bamboo.

Needless to say a Vermont and Nevada State Shape Cutting Board are top of my list. They also have a bunch of other cute items like an Instant Cocktail Party Kit (with maple cocktail mudder) and Double Bamboo Skewers for those quick conversation garnishes. Checkout the AHeirloom Online Shop Here and on Facebook today!

(Images via AHeirloom)

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