Afternoon Cheeseplate + Cultivar Sauvignon Blanc

Welcome back to another Wine Wednesday ladies and gents! I’m sad (but very excited) to share the last of my Cultivar Wine posts with you all today. I started off with a rich and smooth Cabernet Sauvignon, skipped ahead to dessert with a fruity and flowery Rose Wine and am now ending off with a creamy Sauvignon Blanc. Things have been so busy in my life lately, I really have to stop myself sometimes and say ok…. time to slow down, relax, and enjoy this evening with a nice cheese plate. And what better thing to go along with a fresh fruit and cheese plate than a chilled Sauvignon Blanc!

Whipping up a cheese plate after work is one of my favorite things. For this combo I incorporated three of the key elements to a great cheese plate – fruit, meat, bread. If possible I try to go with one non-cheese ingredient for each type of cheese. In this case I had a fun combo of Mahone, Iberico and Manchego. To go along with the cheese, I sliced up and toasted a fresh baguette as well as some salami, apples, and fresh strawberries. I’m normally more of an afternoon red wine drinker but I’ll say much like the Cultivar Rose, I am now a re-born Sauvignon Blanc fan. This blend was so incredibly smooth, it took all of my willpower not to drink the whole bottle. Yum!

What You’ll Need:
Lady Pink Apples
Fresh Baquette
Fresh Strawberries

I would highly recommend trying out some of these fantastic wines and if you do make sure to use my special code CultivarAvecMallory at checkout for 10% off! Thank you again one more time to Cultivar for inspiring and sponsoring these posts. I had such a great time trying out the 2014 selections and can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

3 thoughts on “Afternoon Cheeseplate + Cultivar Sauvignon Blanc

  1. Robin Follette

    Now this is my kind of afternoon! We were on vacation a couple of weeks ago when my husband surprised me with a stop at a winery for a tasting. I left with three bottles of wine and two cheeses, one of them sheep milk. I haven’t tried any of the cheeses you listed so I’ll be looking for them next time I’m in the city.

    1. Mallory Post author

      Sheep milk cheese is great!! I’m sure you’ll love all the other cheeses as well 🙂 They are some of my absolute favorites!


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