{8.29} Friday Favorites

Happy Friday guys! After another whirlwind week I managed to find a few little bits of inspiration to kick off the weekend with. So here we go! As you all know I’m slightly obsessed with curated kitchen goods, so this California cutting board definitely jumped out at me. I had a weekend of terrible (by that I mean wonderful) weekend of eating out, so this Salmon and Chickpea salad really got me back on track this week. I’m also preparing for a little Labor Day soiree and this Rosemary Cashews & Cheese Plates post was the perfect thing to get me started! I’ve also got a great post on the way featuring some new dishes from my favorite local gem, Honey Salt. Check it all out below!


California Cutting Board // AHeirloom


Salmon and Chickpea Salad // Not Without Salt


Dinner Date // Honey Salt, Las Vegas


Rosemary Cashews & Cheese Plates // Evite Eats

Looking for more? As always you can find all my daily inspiration on the Avec Mallory Pinterest & WeHeartIt pages. I hope you all have a wonderful three day weekend and make sure to snack on something yummy! Plus stay tuned for an exciting Two Bite Ice Cream Cookie recipe coming up tomorrow and a fun recap of my latest date night at Honey Salt here in Las Vegas.

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