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Happy Monday guys! I’m really excited to introduce you all today to my latest food fueled adventure (and the reason behind my extreme lack of posting) – J&M Kitchen. Normally I keep my personal life somewhat under wraps but since this new venture is actually a joint venture, I thought I should keep you all informed! I’m pretty lucky to have a great partner not only in the kitchen, but also in life and we’ve decided to go out on our own and start a small farmers market business. He is the chef you’ve seen behind most of my Instagram posts lately, and the creator of what you’ll see soon to come with J&M!


You can follow our progress on our new Instagram Page and if you happen to be in Las Vegas this summer come visit us at the Downtown Summerlin Farmers Market!

Glutton, Downtown Las Vegas

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Living in Downtown Las Vegas has been a pretty cool experience so far. It seems like every time I walk down the street there’s something new to check out. The latest in the Downtown Project family is Glutton, a co-creation from Chef Bradley Manchester and Chef Joseph Kudrak. Dubbed ‘urban neighborhood cuisine’ they kicked off less than a week ago with a strong start and promising future. I’ve been driving by the corner of 7th and Carson since early January and I can’t tell you how excited I am to see everything finally come together for these guys!

{ Our Menu }
Whipped Ricotta – spring peas, mint, pistachio chutney, grilled focaccia
Chicken Liver Mousse – bread & butter pickles + grilled bread
Carlsbad Oysters – banyuls mignatte, cucumber
Bread & Butter – house made parker house rolls, breakfast radish, cultured butter
Brown Butter Gnocchi – braised pork cheek, soy, safe, pine nut gremolata
Creekstone Farms Sirloin – peas & carrots, red wine reduction

I would order the ricotta again in a heart beat and loved the use of veggies throughout all the dishes. I’m not a huge oyster fan, but I saw them come out of the kitchen and had to give them a try. They ended up being really delightful with little cucumber chunks sprinkled on top. Also, homemade parker house rolls? Always a good thing. We had some great wine and sat for over an hour at the chefs counter, which is a great touch to this open kitchen setup. I’m glad to have some new faces in the neighborhood and if you find yourself in Downtown Las Vegas you should definitely stop by!

Pasta Carbonara with Charred Brussels Sprout Leaves and Bacon

edit2edit8edit1edit4edit3edit6edit7edit9Learning how to make homemade pasta has significantly changed the way I spend time in the kitchen. On a typical Wednesday  after leaving work I would have cooked up something simple from the ingredients hanging out in my fridge. Now a days I spend my afternoon plotting out a strategic grocery store mission so I can get home and immediately start a batch of fresh pasta. Not only is it the best thing ever to eat, it also is a great source of stress relief. As soon as I’ve got the eggs, flour and salt in a bowl and a glass of wine in hand I could not be happier. I recently stumbled across this fab recipe for Pasta Carbonara with Charred Brussels Sprout Leaves and Truffles from Chocolate + Marrow and just had to give it a try! Given the lack of artisanal grocery store products found here in good old Las Vegas, I had to do some slight editing to her recipe. So make sure you head over to her site for the full carbonara effect.

What you’ll Need:

¾ lb of brussels sprouts
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
8 oz of fresh or store-bought tagliatelle
4 oz of bacon, chopped finely
truffle salt
coarsely ground pepper ½ teaspoon
2 tablespoons of butter
shaved parmesan
2 egg yolks
lemon rind, for garnish (optional)
fresh ground pepper, for garnish


Begin by chopping up the brussels sprouts and peeling off the outer leaves. After this chop up your bacon strips then place them in a bowl withe the sprout leaves. Drop in and coat this mix with a Tbsp of olive oil and add some cracked pepper for flavor. After you’ve got everything nice and coated, spread it out on a cooking sheet and pop it in the oven at 400′ for 10-15 mins. Keep an eye on it because all ovens will cook this differently, you just want them to get slightly seared. Next up is the pasta! I made my own pasta (recipe coming soon) but store bought tagliatelle is also 100% acceptable. Cook your pasta to taste then make sure to save 2 cups of the pasta water for later. Coat the pasta with olive oil and truffle salt, then put that aside.

Once the brussels and bacon mix is ready to go and you’ve got your pasta coated and resting in the olive oil you can begin the skillet prep. Drop 2 Tbsp’s of butter into a skillet and add a cup of the pasta water you put aside earlier. Add your pasta in first then a hefty helping of parmesan cheese. Toss that up then remove from the heat. Next comes the egg yolks, just spread those over the top of the pasta then add in your brussels and bacon mix. Toss again then add in your final cup of pasta water. If you’ve already got a good sauce base, you can add less of the pasta water in at the end here. It’s really up to you! Finish it off with some shaved lemon, more parmesan and a bit more truffle salt. Then enjoy!

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